Fedora Core 4 schedule slips again

The current release schedule for the upcoming test releases of Fedora Core have been adjusted by two weeks. This is the second adjustment in just over a week. What’s the reason? Well it looks like they’re going to try and incorporate GCC 4.0 into the final release.

Here’s a snippet from the fedora dev mailing list:

Looking at the overlap of the FC4 schedule with the GCC 4.0 schedule,
it appears that shipping GCC 4.0 in FC4 has become viable.

In order to avoid a large duplication of bandwidth by rebuilding
with GCC 4.0 between test releases, Fedora Core 4 Test 1 has now
slipped two weeks to allow for integration of a GCC 4.0 snapshot,
and rebuilds against it.

For the record, I’m really looking forward to the FC4 release. It looks to be one of the best yet as the Fedora distribution matures. I was really looking forward to test 1 that was originally set to be out this past Monday. Oh well, I can wait.