As you may of noticed, it’s a little different around here

I’ve gone ahead and started the process of moving away from and getting everything setup on I’ve been waiting for the latest release of wordpress to do this gigantic task, and since 1.5 was recently released, it was time.

The site is still mostly broken, but I did get my rss redirection setup, so you can continue to receive my feed. One of the first big tasks is getting all my entries from the old system into the wordpress database. Any volunteers to help me write a script to do the conversion? Then the next big step will be to re-theme the site. While this default theme will work for a little while, I certainly don’t a site that looks like everyone else’s.

That is all for now.

9 thoughts on “As you may of noticed, it’s a little different around here”

  1. Thanks for the offer Dan. Maybe we can cooridnate an opportunity for you to see the database structure on my old blog then figure out how to convert to wordpress.

  2. Sure thing. If you send me a dump of your current DB, I can write a Perl script to convert it into either a format that WordPress can import, or a format MySQL can import.

  3. Eh. I’d offer to help but my scripting still sucks… I still use vba as a crutch… although I am getting better with awk though! Welcome to the WordPress fold!

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