See you later Hollywood Video…

I stopped by the local Hollywood Video today to pick up a few movies for the weekend, but ended up walking out empty handed. Why? Well, because they raised their prices. What’s the percentage of this markup? $0.99 to $3.79. Yikes! Now I know this is more of the norm for video stores, but I’ve been spoiled by 99 cent rentals for a few years at this place. Also, this place was always busy. They had to be making good money.

We own a lot of movies, but we have a rule, we have to rent the movie before we buy it. We’ve been burned too many times buying a movie because we think we’re going to like to find out it royaly stinks. To me, 99 cents made it worth it to find out.

So, now I’ll have to figure how we’re going to accomplish this, because I will not pay almost 4 dollars to rent a movie. Maybe it’s time to finally investigate Netflix.

Oh well, bottom line is Hollywood Video will not get another dime from me.