Thank goodness for newsgroups/google

I had the battery changed in my truck this morning and when I left I noticed my radio said ‘LOC’ on it and would not turn on. When I got back to the office, I looked in the owners manual to find out that it is an antitheft feature got became enabled because the battery was disconnected.

I little more reading informed me that the only way to unlock it was to enter the code I set or take it to a dealer. Since I bought it used, and never set any codes, I was lost.

So I turned to the good ‘ol internet. My initial searches informed me that that some dealers would do this free of charge, but some were charging $75 to reset the antitheft feature. Both those options sucked, because I hate car dealers, and I wasn’t about to pay any money for a feature I didn’t enable.

Some more searching led me to sites where I would send them some info and $15 via paypal, they would email my unlock code. That just seemed too fishy.

Finally, I headed to the groups section of google where I hit the jackpot. I found a post that not only explained how to get my radio id code but then how to call an automated phone #, enter a dealer code, then enter my radio ID code, and then it gave me my master unlock code.

Now I won’t post the details here, as I assume a lot of the info I found contains what could be confidential GM dealer information, and I don’t want that kind of attention, but I will say it wasn’t hard to find.

And for future reference, my master unlock code for my GM Delphi radio is: 0344

Updated 01/17/2005: Hint, hint