Was my site down all day or not?

I was not able to get here or any of my sites at all today. I couldn’t even SSH in. I was thinking it may be a DNS issue, so I logged in remotely to another computer system at work and tried to communicate to the Linux server via the internal network and I got no responses.

So I assumed the computer had some kind of issue, maybe hard locked or maybe completely lost power. I had to wait until my wife got home from work so I could go to the office and find out what was going on.

On the way to work, I was only thinking about how I don’t have recent backups and what if the machine is hosed. I was getting nervous.

When I got there, not only was the machine running, it seemed to have no problems what so ever. It was communicating to the Internet just fine. Just for kicks, I rebooted the server and our Internet router.

After it came back up, I was able to get to this site, so I checked out the refer logs, and it states that the site has been getting hits all day long. So what really was the problem?? Maybe just something with roadrunner DNS?? Why couldn’t I ping it from a machine that was on the internal network?

I have no idea, I’m just glad it’s back available to me. Now it’s time formulate a better backup plan.