ATTN: Podcasters and future podcasters

I just want to let everyone know about a new site I’ve launched over the weekend. This is what happens when I have 4 days off of work. :-)

If you couldn’t tell by the URL, it is podcast related. The site has 2 angles.

One is that the site allows podcasters and independent artists to submit their feed/content and then my server automatically monitors their feeds and maintains a local repository of their content at which point it creates a playlist and randomly plays their stuff through my Icecast server, allowing anyone in the world to attach to the stream and here random podcasts.

Second, is to create a community of podcasting peers that consist of seasoned podcasters and those who really want to start their very own podcast. I really believe this will be the heart of the site. The community forums are already setup and active. I welcome everyone to sign up and join in.

The streaming side is working, but right now everything is manual and not considered active. I’m working on building the automation scripts so that podcasters can start adding their feeds.

Please feel free to jump and start asking questions or to help those asking questions.