Eye doctor visit this morning

Well, over the weekend my glasses broke, and fortunately I was able to find a slightly older pair. I’ve worn glasses for as long as I can remember, and up until now have never had to resort to older glasses because of breaking my current ones. Once I realized there was no way I could use my broken ones I got nervous because I had no idea if I even had older ones anywhere around. But I found them.

So yesterday I stopped by the eye doctor to see if they could be repaired. The frame around the lens broke. However since it’s been 3 years since my last eye exam I opted get a fresh exam and new glasses.

So today I had my appointment before work. Why do eye exams suck so much? That glaucoma test is just down right evil! But because I had to go to work yet today, they didn’t dilate my eyes, lucky me gets to stop back after work for that.

Long story short, 450 bucks later I got a new prescription and new glasses on order. One nice thing is that the glasses are going to have an AR coating that is suppose to help reduce strain from staring at a monitor all day. I’m certainly looking(no pun intended) forward to that!