New points system vs. the old

If you’re like me, you probably hate the Chase for the Cup style points system Nascar is using this year. And you’re probably not fond of Kurt Busch either.

Well, if Nascar was running on the old points system this year, Kurt Busch would be in 4th place, 222 points behind the leader who would be Jeff Gordon. The other big change would be with Jamie McMurray. Again if we were running on the old system, he would be in 7th place, now he’s fighting for the illustrious 11th place trophy.

If you want to see the whole top ten based on the old points system, go to this page, scroll down about half way and look in the left sidebar. Not much else is really different.

Update: Well the seasons over and I’m disgusted with the outcome. If only the last ten races matter why run the other 26. Instead of rewarding the team that has the best overall season, Nascar is rewarding the team that does the best over the last ten races. It doesn’t make any sense.