Picked up a MP3 player/recorder

Stopped at the Circuit City yesterday and ended up buying an MP3 player that also has recording functionality as well. I bought the iRiver IFP790. It’s a 256mb flash based unit. I really only wanted the 128mb version, but that one was USB 1 only and this one is USB 2. The reason I bought one was because my Ipaq is pretty useless for recording because it picks up way more than just my voice and the iRiver has a line in jack to support an external microphone.

I’ve done some test recordings with it and it sounds really good. In fact when I recorded last nights podcast I had a line out going to it and recorded the whole thing on it as well as in audacity. This will be a nice backup feature if my computer burps during the a recording.

I think it’s a good investment based on hearing some podcasters reporting losing whole shows because of a computer error.