Gearing up for a trade show

Tomorrow afternoon my company will be participating in our communities chamber of commerce business to business trade show. We went last year to check it out and made the decision that we would have a booth this year. So we’ve had one year to prep for this thing, but only started about 2 weeks ago.

I spent most of last week updating our web site to make sure everything was current and that all of our new services were listed.

My boss also owns another company which is a retail packing & shipping store(similar to The UPS Store, except privately owned), and I put up a completely new site for that last week.

I’m hoping the turn out is good, we really need to bring in some new clients. There’s only going to be one other technology company there, but their not really competition as their main focus is more programming and ours is more network, computer consulting.

In our existence, we’ve only done one other trade show, but the turn out was awful so it was a complete waste of time. I really hope this one is better. But if it’s not, at least we’re right next to the big food table and the beer is free!