It was a battle, but I won

Well, I actually had an agenda this weekend. It involved replacing the faucet and drain system on our bathroom sink. Also it it’s been draining very slow, so, while everything was apart, run the snake through and clear out any blockages.

Now for some people this project should be mostly painless, me, on the other hand, it’s a different story. Me & plumbing never seem to get along very good. And this project was no exception.

I’ll save you a lot of the boring details, and just say, 3 trips to Ace and 1 to Menards, many hours, and a lot of cuss words later, the new faucet and drain are in and thus far are leak free.

On one of my Ace trips I picked up a couple of new 3-way light switches, because our switches in our kitchen have been acting up lately and I’ve wanted to change them out. I did that little project this morning and it went very smoothly. I’ve never worked with 3-way switches before, but it really was no big deal.