A little summary of the past week

Posting has been lighter than normal lately, mainly because I do most of my posting from work. And I’ve been on the road everyday since last Wednesday. Today I’m finally back in the office and have a little time to outline the past week.

– Forgot I had a Photoshop seminar last Friday, so I lost $80 bucks there. Didn’t realize it until Saturday morning. Spent most of the morning fairly depressed. I was really looking forward to it.

– Saturday night into Sunday was suppose to be that glorious extra hour of sleep that we so desperately needed…however, around midnight, my son started getting sick in his room. After cleaning him up and changing sheets, his illness went on for about 2 hours. At least these other times he was making it to the bathroom. When he finally started settling down around 2:30am, one of our daughters woke up with the noise and starting crying unrelentlessly. My wife tackled that one and got her to quite down only to try to put her back to bed which only did not work, but woke up her sister too. Now it’s about 4 in the morning and both girls are awake. My wife decided not to even bother to try and sleep that night. I got, maybe a grand total of an hour. I felt like such crap all morning. My wife had to work from 9 until 3. All the kids took early naps, a couple even fell asleep on the couch(very rare). We were able to muster up enough energy in the afternoon to take everyone trick or treating. Which was a lot of fun.

– Trick or treating: My son who is now 3 �, was too much fun. He was very into it this year. It was cool this year because we actually got to trick or treat on Halloween and when it was dark out. I’ll have some photos up this week.

– Yesterday(Monday), got to eat at a Jimmy Johns, which I learned about from Seth’s weblog. For me it was nothing too spectacular, but I want to try some of there other sandwiches. I had the Vito, which is an Italian style sub. Also stopped at a Home Depot and picked up a new bathroom faucet and drain system. That is going to be a Saturday project. I usually don’t have the best luck with plumbing stuff, so I have an uncle on stand-by!

– Today(Tuesday), We had to drop our van off at the dealership for a recall fix. For the last month the horn and cruise control have not been working and the airbag light was on. Turns out Chrysler has issued a recall for these exact symptoms, so that’s getting repaired today. And Voted!

Alright, now everyone should be up to speed!