Question to other IT folks…

This weekend I finally got around getting the home server rack back in order. A couple of months ago the old LCD monitor I used on it died, so I just let the servers(2) run headless. During the time span I was without a rack monitor, I pulled one of the servers out and installed a Win2003 server. Now this past weekend I came across an old 14″ CRT to replace the dead LCD.

The problem is it doesn’t display the 2003 server. It works during machine POST, but when it goes to the boot up screen the monitor goes out and never comes back. Now thinking that the monitor can’t handle the output or something I hooked the monitor directly to the computer and everything is just fine. So it has to be something with the KVM. It’s a Compaq 8 port. I believe it’s manufactured by Apex. Now the other server that is on the KVM works fine. It is Linux and it’s running Gnome 2.8 and video is perfect with it.

Both computers are identical, they’re Dell Poweredge 400sc’s with ATI rage3d cards(not high end whatsoever).

Any ideas???? On what could be causing this?