Podcasts I’ve listened to, and my thoughts…

I just wanted to list some of the podcasts that I subscribe to and what I think of the various ones.

Podcasts that I like:
Adam Curry – His is probably the most professional sounding one(for obvious reasons), as long as there’s not yard maintenance going on. :) But then again that the cool thing about this concept is that there are no rules.

Kevin’s Stuff – Audio Edition – May soon have a new name. Topics will be based on what I do for a living, system administration.

Geek News Central – I like geeky topics, so I enjoy this podcast.

Brandon Fuller – No particular topics, just an interesting dude to listen to.

Podcasts that I haven’t formed a solid opinion of yet:
Evil Genius Chronicles – Not really any specific topics, just random banters. I really hated the first one I listened to, but the second was much better. So I will give it more time.

Jimmy Jett – This guy has only done one podcast so far, but it was pretty good. He has a background in radio and you can really tell. I have a feeling his podcasts are going to be more DJ orientated which may not appeal to me as I’m more interested in discussion. But it was cool to hear how good a podcast can sound!

Podcasts I don’t like:
Right now there’s only one
The Linux Link Tech Show – The idea of a strictly Linux orientated talk show really appeals to me as I’m always wanting to learn more, but unfortunately this show fails to fulfill. In the 2 shows I’ve listened to thus far the topic of Linux has accounted for less then 5 minutes of the 2 total hours I’ve heard. And 3 of those was one dude complaining how hard it is to get X running on Debian. Now I don’t have a problem with a bunch a dudes sitting around complaining about Windows, but I don’t think �Linux Tech� should be in the title.

Just remember, all views expressed here are strictly my opinion. I recommend everyone listen and decide for themselves.