No Draft function, means less entries?

It does at this site. Since I use a home brewed blogging mechanism and I never coded in the ability to ‘save as draft’ to allow me to save a partially added entry. So because of that, a lot of times if I know I don’t have enough time to write a complete entry, It just never gets written, because either I forgot or lost interest in posting the topic. I think that’s bad, so I’m starting to think about moving to a actual peice of software, most likely wordpress. The big downside to doing this? Is figuring out how to migrate all existing data. Yikes!

Oh yeah, I know I could just add the drafting function, but if history has tought me anything, it’s when I try to add to something to something that is working well, I’ll usually break it in another way. And troubleshooting my awful code isn’t fun.

Update: This entry was made before I started using WordPress.