Have to send my laptop in for repair…again

Well, this time it was actually my fault. Fortunately when we bought it, we bought it with an upgraded warranty that covers accidental damage.

Here’s what happened, because I know you’re dying to know.

Last week I was on the road and I had the laptop sitting in the passenger seat. A lot of times before I leave a client heading to another one, I check MapPoint for directions. That’s why it was out. At the time of damage the laptop was off and closed. What happened was the guy in front of me started freaking out and started turning one way then switched and turned the other way right in front of me from the shoulder. That forced me to get on the brakes very hard from about 35-40 mph. I didn’t hit him, but my laptop wasn’t so lucky to make it through unscafed.

The laptop had a wireless card in it that stuck out about an inch and a half and when the laptop smashed into the dash it not only smashed the card up but shoved the whole card slot assembly back into the case. The little card eject buttons also were no longer working and I had to force out the wireless card. The slot would no longer accept any cards. When I got to my next destination I checked the computer to see how dead it was going to be, and low and behold it booted up fine. I’ve been using it all week with no problem other than I don’t have wireless access when at home.

But the good news is that it’s completely covered, except for the wireless card. Now I can finally buy a G card.