Building a DVD jukebox

The other night Kevin Rose had a segment on the screensavers about building a DVD jukebox. This has always been something I thought would be a good idea.

The tools he recommends are:
DVD Decrypter
Alcohol 120%

DVD decrypter extracts the entire contents of a DVD and creates an ISO file. Then with Alcohol 120% he mounts the ISO as a drive. Then DVD playing software can be pointed at this newly created drive which the software thinks it’s a DVD drive with a DVD in it and watch the movie.

I started playing around with this a little and here is my method creating a DVD jukebox.

What’s needed:
DVD Shrink
Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel

What’s cool with this setup is with DVD Shrink, I can choose to create an ISO with only the movie. No previews, no special features, no additional languages. And the process of extracting the DVD is relatively quick, only taking about 8 minutes to rip a little over 4 gigs of data.

Now I just need to work on getting the output on to an actual TV.