In the Distro queue

If your anything like me, you probably like to try out a lot of different Linux distributions. I have 2 test machines that I use to install Linux on. Both are Dell Powerege 400SC’s with a 2.8Ghz w/HT.

Currently in use on the machines are:
*Machine 1: Gentoo Linux
*Machine 2: Debian Sarge

In the queue to be tested are:
* IPCop 1.4b9 Not really a distro, but something I’ve been wanting to try out.

Updated: To add IPCOP to the queue

Update 2: Finally testing out Gnoppix and Vidalinux. Gnoppix seems pretty decent. It’s a live CD, so that’s all I played with. I Still will try a hard drive install of it later. Vidalinux beta on the otherhand still stinks. It will be a while before I try that one again.