Joined a health club

But, this place is so much more than a health club. This place is so awesome, and there’s soo much to do. The best feature for me and the family is the aquatic center. It has a huge zero depth pool with fountains and spray thingies, lap lanes, current pool, hot tub and big ‘ol curly slide. There’s a field house with like a million basketball courts, an indoor track, giant work out areas. Wait, there’s more; there’s daycare where you can drop your kids off for 2 hours a day for free(that alone is worth the membership cost).

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better; they’re adding on to it. Scheduled to open early next month are racquetball courts, volleyball courts, and a new bigger day care center. And what is known as the Iceplex, with 2 NHL regulation size ice rinks. We got to take a tour of the construction site this past weekend, and it’s very impressive.

As a kid, I always wanted to play hockey, but my parents never let me. I did however do a lot of skating and played very informal hockey on ponds behind my house. Now as an adult, I may just enroll in the adult learn to play programs that they are going to have. I’m fairly stoked about this as I still love to skate.

Well, we went tonight for our first visit as members. Dropped the girls of in day care, and went to the pool with my wife and son. We had so much fun. 2 hours went by extremely quickly. Our plans are to go out swimming 3 nights a week, and then when the ice plex opens to maybe go there twice a week.

Alright, I’m tired, and I’m going to bed.

Here’s some pictures of the RecPlex.