Up to my eye sockets in Group Policies

We got a new server installation coming up next week and we’re finally going to get this client setup correctly. The new layout is going to consist of a super duper nice Dell Poweredge running Windows Server 2003 as the main active directory server and there’s an additional server which will be a dedicated server for terminal services running Windows 2000 Server.

The terminal server provides an ASP service for his clients, and the current way it’s all setup(NT4 is involved); it is a pain to add and configure the ASP users.

With the new equipment, I’m using group policies to make the terminal server act the way I want it to when an ASP user logs in. It’s pretty sweet to say the least. I’m about 90% complete with my policy. Adding a new user right now is a piece of cake and doesn’t requires a 25 step process like the current server does.

All I really have left is to give the users a tiny piece of disk space to save files and make it so that�s the only drive space they can see and access. Should be done by tomorrow.