Adding SMP support to the Kernel in Slackware

Thanks to a tutorial found and, I was able to recompile(and update) the kernel on my Dell Poweredge 400SC to support SMP. By Default Slackware doesn’t recognize if a machine has more than one processor. Since Pentium 4’s with Hyperthreading is like having 2 processors, the kernel needs to be recompiled to take any advantage of it.

I’m glad I came across the article as forgot about the Hyperthreading on that computer. Redhat/Fedora and even Windows automatically set it up as a multiple processor computer.

After successfully recompiling I ran my makeiso script to create 3 ISO’s from the slackware-current tree I keep rsync’d up and it seemed a lot faster. I’m going to run some more tests tonight to see if it really is.

Live system information

Update: I’ve created a local repost of the Mad Penguin article. Available here.