Debian number one with me again?

I’d have to say so. It has been Slackware for a long time, but the 2 things Slackware is missing, Debian has, which is easy intergraded maintenance(via apt) and huge repositories of pre built software.

Now mind you, my recent re-interest in Debain isn�t based upon their current stable branch, but their testing branch, AKA sarge. I’ve been running it now for about a month on a test server, and have yet to have any major meltdowns. Keep in mind; reasons for me using Linux are for server duties only. Everything I do is command line based, so I can’t comment on the quality/easiness of getting any type of GUI running on Debian.

The machine it’s running on is a Dell Poweredge 400SC with a 2.8Ghz w/HT, Gigabit ethernet(e1000), 1GB ECC memory and a 120GB IDE Drive.

I’m using the latest net install images which feature beta 3 of the Debian Installer whenever I do an install. The installer is extremely easy to use; the only thing missing is an option to assign a static IP address during install. Otherwise it’s pretty straightforward.

The reason I don’t use(like) stable is because it’s extremely out of date, and requires jumping through too many hoops if your using any type of modern hardware. Sarge is so much better. The packages are pretty close to current. And I even got it running with the 2.6.4 SMP kernel.

If you haven’t tried Debian in awhile, why not give ‘ol Sarge a try. Plus I’ve heard ramblings of Sarge going stable fairly soon. Anyone care to comment on that?