Girl fights are great!

About an hour after I got to work today, I heard a lot of yelling outside. My general curiosity made me get up and go look out the window to see what was going on. Over the years in our current location we’ve seen some interesting things in the parking lot, but this was the first fight. I’m not sure what the provoking factor was but there were two young ladies really hollering at each other. After a good deal of yelling and cursing between the two, one of the girls went after the other, and then all mayhem broke loose. It almost looked like a cartoon the way their arms were just wailing about. One of the girls got a couple of good hits in and knocked down the other. While the one was down the other ended up getting in a car with some other people she was with and took off.

The within a few minutes, the 5-0’s started rolling in. They were talking with the one that got the worst end of it for quite awhile before everyone left.

In all honesty, I’m surprised there isn’t more of this in our parking lot or any parking lot in general. We see so many ‘close-calls’ because of the way people drive through the lot not paying attention or going way too fast.