Trying out Gentoo

How is it you ask? Well, I can’t really tell you yet.

I took off of work yesterday, and really didn’t have anything to do, so I figured I’d give the recently released Gentoo 2004.0 a shot. And believe you me, you need a whole day just to go through the install instructions, just to get a base install.

Now after spending quite a bit of time making sure I was following the instructions exactly, it bombed out on the first boot. Bootup messages are complaining about DEVFS problems, and it’s also not finding eth0.

What’s cool is that none of the problems are preventing me from logging in locally. I’m going to look around the kernel config and try to resolve and recompile to fix the problems. Hopefully I can get it working.

Current of thoughts though on Gentoo.
1) They need better documentation. It’s very hard to follow and it has you jumping around a lot because it includes instructions for all archs in the same docs.