And so starts another season

Nascar has one of the shortest off-seasons in any professional sports, probably just a touch under 3 months. This weekend, the 2004 season kicks off with the Bud Shootout. It’s a non points race, but it’s Saturday night, under the lights, and it’s racing.

This season brings a tidal wave of changes, hopefully all the changes make for better results(at least that�s the way their intended to work). The whole change to the points system is the big one. Like a lot of long time fans, I’m not thrilled about the change. I have read a lot of views on the points change, both positive and negative, and many valid points were made in favor of it. I’ll give it this season before I completely go off the handle on it.

The other big news is the new leading series primary sponsor. No longer titled, ‘Winston’ cup series, the transition to ‘Nextel’ cup series seems easier than expected. Without thought, I already say Nextel Cup on a regular basis. It’ll be interesting to see how many on-air slip ups there will be amongst drivers and commentators.

Also for the first few races it’s a matter of getting acquainted with all the drivers that are in new rides.

That�s all on the subject for now.