Debian notes

I’m spending a lot of time this weekend working with Debian, which is another Linux distribution. I know I’ve made posts in the past saying I’m done trying to make Debian work. But ever since I found this HOWTO, I’ve been itching to try it yet again.

For the record, the HOWTO is based on a WOODY install, but because of the network card in the Dell PE400SC, I have to use SARGE to get network card functionality. If your wondering, Woody is Debian’s current ‘stable‘ release, and Sarge is their ‘testing‘ release.

All in all, the install actually went quite well with little issue. I have, however, ran into a couple issues while trying to follow the instructions for The Perfect Debian Setup, but I’m guessing it’s because I’m doing everything based on Sarge packages. The part that is puking is the install of some libraries for ‘sasl2’, whatever that is.

I think I reached a point where it’s time to start from scratch again, and start taking notes on things that are different and what I need to do to get it to work.

Useful Debian Commands
# dpkg –list

Jason, care to give me more?