Anyone watching House Rules?

A quick search on Feedster, didn’t return very much blog activity on the topic of House Rules. So, I’m curious if not many are interested in this show.

About the show:
3 couples are competing for the ultimate prize, which is the deed to house their working on. Every week a room/area is selected to be remodeled. At the beginning of the show the couples compete to get the best budget for the current remodeling task. They then have a week to complete as much as possible and are judged by 3 ‘experts‘ on design, level of completion, quality, and a few other categories. In the end, the ultimate prize, which is the house, will be awarded from the results of a vote determined from the viewing audience.

Now the show is almost over; it’s been running for 10 weeks. All the major remodel projects are over and this week the teams are being allowed to do some tidying up and this coming episode will be the couples giving the final tours of their 11 weeks of work. And then it’s time for the audience to vote.

I’ve enjoyed watching this show, because the problems they faced throughout are problems all non-pros face when taking on home improvement projects. There�s been numerous times while watching the show where I can say, �Yup, been there!�

I�m looking forward to this weeks show as it�s the walk-throughs of all the homes showing off all the completed work. Then I�ll decide who I�m going to vote for that should win their house. I think it�s safe to say Adam & Katie are not in my running. Their work as improved a lot over the course of the show, but has never been on par with the other 2 teams. I�d have to say that Joey & Rebecca probably did the best work week after week. But they did have a couple of low area�s, such as the shower which turned out really ugly and the crappy ceiling tile they put up in the kitchen. That looked horrible! Lastly there�s Bill & Cindy who I think show the most improvement over the course of 10 weeks. Some of their rooms turned out excellent. So as it stands now, it�s a pretty even heat between Joey/Rebecca & Bill/Cindy.

See all the before/after pictures: