Best Webmin trick I didn’t know about

One of the first things I do after I have a successful Linux install is to install Webmin. It’s a great overall system admin tool. Until yesterday, I didn’t know how easy it was to have it run over SSL. Most of the default installs of it I have ever done don’t run it over SSL. I think Debian was the only time it installed using SSL as its default.

Well I never pursued using it that way because I figured it would be complicated to configure and have work properly. Nothing could be further from the truth, thanks to an article in Sys Admin Magazine. I read an article on managing your servers using Webmin. The first thing the author mentions is the importance of running it over SSL and lays out the steps to configure it.

I ran through the steps on a test server that had Webmin on it, and low and behold it was actually working. I was shocked at how easy that was.

So I wrote up the steps and posted them here. This is mainly for my future reference, but maybe it’ll help out someone else, too.

Enabling SSL on Webmin