Bad luck with appliances…

I guess I’m just not meant to have good luck when it comes to appliances. I’ve spoke about the issues with my fridge in the past, but we also had an ongoing problem with our dryer. I’ve had it repaired for the same thing a couple of time already and this past week it went out again with the same problem. Well, I decided to buy a new dryer.

My basement has both electrical and gas hookups by where the dryer sits and the old dryer was gas. I decided that the new dryer would be an electric one. I walked over to Sears to look at them and found a nice moderately priced large capacity dryer and bought it.

Walk home, get my truck and drive back over to pick it up. Get it home, and then Jay swings by to help me get it downstairs. I read through the directions, then connected the power cord and go to turn it on, and nothing! Figuring it’s got to be something I did, I look over the direction again. Nope, not me.

So then I look towards the 220 outlet, thinking that maybe something is wrong there. I pulled the front cover off my circuit panel, and sure enough, the wires coming from the 220 outlet aren’t connected to anything. Arrggghhhhh! Why can nothing ever just be easy!

Since I really want to use an electric connection, I’m calling around to electricians to find out how much it will cost to get it connected. Looks like we might be without a dryer for a week or more.