Slackware 9.1 Beta

Currently I’m testing out the latest Slackware-current also known as version 9.1 beta.

So far everything looks good and works really well, what Slackware is known for.

I’ve noticed a few improvements during the install process, which I will update in my Slackware notes.

And as of yesterday�s changelog, Patrick has included Swaret into the release in the extra directory. Swaret is an app that attempts to give Slack some of the functionality of apt or up2date. Like alot of things with Slack, it’s pretty primitive, but at least it’s something. The conf file for Swaret is pretty intimidating and not very well documented, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

I haven’t been able to use Swaret yet, as my install has all the latest packages in current.

I’m still not sure what distro going to go on the new server, but right now Slack has the edge.

Also, to help support the project, I order a few shirts for the Slackware store today, and if I decide to use Slack as my web server distro, I will purchase a copy.