Concert Review: Styx

Let me start by saying that they’re be no means my favorite band. They’re actually a little before my time, but they do have some decent ‘classic’ songs. For starters, the show cost 5 bucks, how can you go wrong. The show kicked off promptly at 8:00 which was pretty amazing. Of course those old rockers got to be in bed before 11 so the show wrapped up at probably 10:30ish.

Let me just say, it was a great show. They rocked and didn’t miss a beat. Come Sail Away was by far the best song they performed. And if your wondering, Mr Roboto was part of a melody of songs and only lasted about 15 seconds.

I took about 130 pictures of which maybe 25% are somewhat usable. Because of the slower shutter speed I was running alot of pictures were blurry and quite a few have over exposed elements that ruined the picture. Below is a sampling. This weeked I’ll create a gallery for all the good pictures.