Out with the gang

Ever since we had the girls we’re no longer a small family, and when it comes to wanting to go somewhere, it’s a pretty big chore to load up everyone. Well this morning we did it. After breakfast we loaded everyone in the minivan and headed for the lakefront for a couple of hours.

The wife was pretty mad because I’ve been down by the tall ships display three times already and she wanted top she them too. I guess my pictures didn’t cut the mustard. So we took a quick drive through the area where all the festivities were happening. After she was satisfied with seeing the boats in person we headed a few blocks south were there wasn’t much going on at all. Parked, set up the stroller, loaded the girls in the stroller, made sure I had my camera, we finally headed down one of the paths. I took plenty of pictures I think they all turned out good so I made them an entire album for your viewing pleasure.

Even though it was a lot of work, it was well worth it. And tonight, we’re going to walk over to McDonalds for 39 cent cones.