New server on the way

I ordered a Dell poweredge yesterday. I believe it to be a pretty sweet deal. Here’s the breakdown.

Dell Poweredge 400SC

Intel P4, 2.8GHz,800FSB

128MB DDR, ECC, 333MHz, 1X128MBNo Operating System, Red Hat Linux Configuration

40GB 7.2K RPM IDE Hard Drive


1Yr,Parts + Onsite Labor (Next Business Day)

No Keyboard, No Mouse, No Monitor

I went for the smallest memory and hard drive option as it cheaper to go with aftermarket memory and the biggest hard drive Dell offiers is 120gig and I want bigger.

Grand total with $150 instant rebate free shipping and tax is $472.63

I’ve already ordered 1 gig of memory for it from crucial. I’m still deciding on what hard drive configuration I want, so I wait til it’s here before I make that decision.