Easy remote control

We have numerous clients around the country that we provide phone support for. Sometimes phone support gets a little tricky, so that�s why all the computers have PC anywhere installed. The problem with pc anywhere is that most of these sites are now on some form of broadband and have eliminated their modem lines, and setting up firewalls/routers to allow pc anywhere to communicate is a royal pain.

Enter Webex. It’s an online meeting collaboration system that�s loaded with features, but there�s only one feature we’re interested in, desktop sharing. It allows us to have full control of the desktop over the internet just like pc anywhere but without headaches.

We’ve been using it quite a bit lately and I’d say it’s been a great service. If you’ve ever done phone support, you know how frustrating it can get talking to a ‘non-computer-literate’ person. This eliminates all that stress too.