Holding off on a new PDA

Earlier this week I decided it was time to consider getting a new PDA. My Jornada 568 just isn�t cutting the mustard anymore. It’s heavy and nearly impossible see in any outdoor light.

It didn’t take long for me to focus on the Dell Axim, especially since they just lowered the prices. But a little further investigation led me to find out the Pocket PC 2003 is just a mere week and few days away from being released. Now this opened another can of worms.

Do I take advantage of lower prices right now, or see what some of the new offerings are going to be from the hardware manufacturers? I’ve read that one of the big improvements in PPC2003 is with it WiFi abilities, and that one use of a new PDA I plan to take full advantage of. I wish Dell would announce their new product based on PPC2003 so I could see if I should wait.