High Tech Hotel Room

Following a link from Slashdot, I read PC Worlds review of a hotel room dubbed ‘The Hotel of the Future’.

Normally I wouldn’t pass on a story like this, but some of the quotes were pretty funny, like this one:

I walked to the bathroom, which was replete with a glassed-in shower offering five nozzles and computerized water-temperature control. While it sounded luxurious, it proved ultimately more annoying than enjoyable, with a few surprises.

First, guests need 20/20 vision to deal with the plethora of controls. I don’t usually wear my glasses into a shower. Since I couldn’t see what buttons I was pushing, the crotch-level nozzle blasting 102-degree water came as a shock–and my attempts to shut it off only caused other nozzles to splash me as if I were in a penitentiary riot.