Waste high in VPN setups

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been working with some high-end VPN equipment for a rollout for a client of ours. I’ve got one of the remote VPN appliances at home and am connected to the main one at our office. All in all it’s working pretty well, we’re just working out some of the bugs. The main feature needed was the ability to VPN tunnels alive even though all the remote sites are on dynamic IP internet connections.

Are initial setup wasn’t working very good, if the tunnel went down, it would never renegotiate without rebooting the remote appliance, which I’m sure the client would complain about if they had to reboot it multiple times a day.

With the help of tech support, we’ve created the tunnels using a different method, and all seems good for now, just seems a little slow.

Right now I’m working from home, and connected to the office which is pretty cool. Outlook/Exchange seems to run just fine, but one of our applications, Timeslips, takes over 4 minutes to load up over the VPN.

Since we need to roll this out later this week, we don’t have much time to work out the bugs, so my day should be fairly busy, again.