How pathetic…

I was finally taking the time to get through some of my old emails, and I got to one of my lockergnome subscriptions, webmaster weekly. Now I know that newsletter has a new author, Mike Chandler is no longer writing it, which is too bad because I enjoyed his newsletters.

But within the first few paragraphs of this letter, the new author, Eric Jones, is begging for money so he can put things in an outdoor pond he built. What!?! What the hell!!! Is he serious!?! What a jag. What does that have to do with webmaster weekly? Now I may understand if this goon is having a problem putting food on the table or his kids don’t have any shoes, I still wouldn’t give him a dime, but I wouldn’t think less of the newsletter or whole lockergnome organization because of it.

Without reading any further, I headed to the lockergnome site and unsubscribed from this crap. I deal with enough beggars when I’m in Chicago, I don’t need it in my inbox.