If it’s not one thing…

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that my freezer was giving me problems. Well, we�re still waiting for the parts to come in so the repair guy can fix it. He’s now scheduled for next Friday.

And now, today I get a call at work from my wife, and she says the oven isn’t working properly. She says it’s getting warm but never completely heats up. So she called the repair place to let them know the oven needs to be looked at also.

This will be the third time in five years we’ve had the oven serviced. In my opinion, that’s not a good track record. The fridge on the other hand has an extended warranty, and of course has never required any servicing, this will be its first.

So, depending on the repair costs of the oven, it may be time to do some shopping around for one that�s not a lemon.