Another reason to avoid Network Solutions

We’ve stopped using Network Solutions for domain registrations a couple of years ago, but for some reason I still use their site whenever I want whois information on a domain. Well, I don’t know where they get their information, but the domain I was checking today actually gave me wrong data.

Here’s the story: A customer calls today and says their website has been unavailable since yesterday. I do the obvious legwork before I submit a ticket to VO. Everything looks fine, and it appears to be a DNS issue. I submit the helpdesk ticket and within a few minutes it’s been closed. The description is: The domain expired on May 10th 2003. I was pretty sure I checked that the domain has not expired, so I go back to the Network Solutions website and rerun the whois, and I was right, it shows that the domains expiration date is May 10th 2004. Just out of curiosity, I run the whois from other sites, including Tucows(where the domain is registered), and low and behold they ALL show the expiration date as being May 10th 2003.

Moral of the story: Never use Network Solutions for ANYTHING!!!!