Persistence pays off.

Since Saturday I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the new server setup. I had the distro narrowed down to either Redhat or Slackware. In the end I opted to go with Redhat for the sake of an easy update system. However, for my LAMP portion, I decided to install all from source. This allows me to use the latest releases.

So primarily have a minimal Redhat install with no X. In fact, I think the total install is around 500 megs. Then I got Apache 2.0.45, Mysql 4.0.12, PHP 4.3.2RC2 all compiled and working well.

The biggest, and really only, problem I ran into was getting apache to compile against openssl. It kept complaining that it couldn’t find the ‘krb5.h’ file. After hours of search I came across a post to the Shrike mailing list completely unrelated to my problem, but it featured the line ‘export CFLAGS=-I/usr/kerberos/include’ which needed to be entered before I started compiling Apache.

Now with that portion behind me, now I’m off to work on the whole email thing. I want this server to actually be able to host email for the domains on it. I’m going to try to get everything working with Postfix as my MTA and following some howtos from the Postfix site have POP3, SMTP-AUTH, SpamAssasin and Squirrelmail as my webmail app.

So far, everything I have documented every step of the way, which I will make available when I’m all done.