Getting ready for the big server upgrade

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I’m getting ready to do a major server upgrade for this server. In fact, the pair of 120gig WD’s just showed up today.

The main reason for the upgrade is because I’m about to run out of space on the current 10gig drive in the server. In fact, I’ve filled up the /home partition twice now, which caused apache to croak, then I got to find files that I can delete. It’s really becoming a pain. Plus I want to starting mirroring a few projects. So 120 gigs ought to do the trick.

Right now the only unknown it what distro to go with. It’s been running Redhat and I’ve been happy, but change is good. I’m currently leaning towards Slackware. But I think I’m also going to do some more testing with Debian.

The main functionality I want this time, besides www, is a functioning mail server for all the domains and I want to use SquirrelMail for webmail. Linux mail servers is something I haven’t done alot with yet, but hope to get either postfix or qmail up and running.

Whatever route I go, it will be well documented for future installs.

Any thoughts?