What a great weekend

I hope everyone�s weekend was as good as mine was. For starters, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. It was so great to turn off the furnace and open all the windows in the house.

Saturday, which was my son’s birthday party, was a complete blur. That day went by soo fast. The party was a good time, and my cake turned out excellent. Then my parents stayed after the party and we got pizza. Mmmmm, pizzzza!

Sunday was great too, just a lot more laid back. Watched the race to see one of the best finishes ever. Then after Brandon’s nap we loaded up the twins and walked to the park so Brandon could play outside. Holy crumbs was the park busy. We ended being there for a couple of hours and Brandon loved every minute of it.

Now I just need to get my grills tank filled up so we can start grilling every meal.

Brandons party

Craven Wins