I got to check out a Compaq Tablet PC

A friend who stopped by today brought with him one of his recent purchases, a Compaq tablet pc.

All-in-all it was a pretty cool little toy. I was impressed with the handwriting recognition, it worked much better than I ever would of expected. I don’t have the best handwriting and it was mostly successful in converting it to text. Also, within seconds I was up and running on my WiFi, and I liked working with the stylus as the mouse, it�s a nice way the surf the web.

Here’s some of the downsides; It’s very awkward to hold. I found that it fatigued my arm rather quickly. Also, he said it has one of those Crusoe chips rated at 1 Ghz, but it didn’t act like a 1 Ghz should. Sometimes the movement of the mouse was kind of choppy. My last gripe about it, is when the handwriting recognition would mess up, it was kind of a pain to correct it.

By no means is this a comprehensive review, since I only got to play with it for about a half hour. Overall I was fairly impressed.
Compaq tablet pc