Wisconsin boy wins at Las Vegas!

It’s good to see Matt Kenseth get into victory lane again. I’m pulling for either him or Mark Martin to win the championship this year.

All in all it was an alright race(for Vegas). The first 100 laps were fairly dull, but then it got interesting. Some good racing was taking place. I usually don’t care for gigantic leads, but when it’s someone I want to see win, it’s a different story.

Other race notes: I’m glad Jimmie Johnson wasn’t able to get to Sterling during cool down laps, it would of been something he would of regretted. It was clear that Sterlings car pushed up the track into Jimmies car and wasn’t intentional. Jimmie even acknowledged that during a post-race interview after he saw the clip. He’s a good racer and doesn’t need to get into that type of situation. Oh yeah, Busch had a lousy day at his ‘home track’. Awwww, toooo bad!

On to Atlanta.