Sweet Combination

Slackware and Dropline Gnome

I’ve been playing around with Dropline and slackware-current now for about a week and I love it. Well, I’ve been messing around with slack for a long time now, but only with a command-line only installs.

The dropline developer just released a new installer this weekend which includes Gnome 2.2 and it rocks!

I’m working on a step by step document on getting slack running with dropline for anyone who might be interested in trying it out. It’s not hard, but it’s not as easy as installing Redhat either.

First start by downloading a slackware-current iso, and then expect the documentation to show up either later tonight or tomorrow.

UPDATE: Bringing back some memories now. I for the life of me cannot get my sound card to work. It’s so annoying! Other than that everything is working good.

UPDATE 2: I forget to mention that I have put up some slackware with dropline gnome screenshots in the gallery.