Random Ramblings

Work is soo slow lately. So far for the month of Jan, I only have 35 billable hours. That ain’t much considering that Jan is almost over. It really make the days go by very slow. I’ll be happy when the twins arrive, cause I plan on taking a couple of weeks off.

All cold and no snow
I love winter, but only because of snow. So far for the season, I believe we’ve only had a total accumalation of 2 inches. Having a great snowblower and not being able to use it is driving me nuts. I thought I was the only being on earth who enjoys snow for the reason of snowblowing, but I guess not.

Vehicle Dilemmas
I need to sell my truck, for two reasons. One, I’d like to elimate one of my vehicle payments. And Two, in a very short time, my family is going to go from 3 to 5 and my little pickup just isn’t very practicle. But here’s the problem, as it stands, I still owe more on the truck than it’s worth according KBB(I’ve only had for 8 months. I bought it just before I found out that my wife was pregnant). Does anyone have any creative idea’s for selling this thing for what I owe on it, or am I just screwed until I get the principle down to what it’s worth.