Big Tivo Announcements

My Tivo has been one of my favorite investments ever. But there’s always been problem with it, being that if I record something on the living room Tivo I have to watch it on the living room Tivo. It’s been the one thing keeping me from buying a second Tivo, and now Tivo is going to be addressing that need.

The new TiVo Home Media Option will allow subscribers to stream music and photos stored on the PC directly to the family TV. With the TiVo remote, subscribers can relax in the living room and view digital photos and listen to digital music that is stored on the PC. Video can be streamed from a TiVo in the bedroom to a TiVo DVR in the living room. The TiVo Home Networking Option will support a number of different digital audio and image formats including JPEG and MP3.

Thank you TiVo!!!