Gave Knoppix another go

Well, I redownloaded the latest Knoppix Live CD release and burned it to CD, and tried to get it running. On the first attempt it had the same reaction as when I tried this past weekend and just froze during bootup. I rebooted and tried again. This time it booted up fine. However while running some apps it froze again. So I rebooted, again, and it locked up during bootup, again. At this point I’m starting to see a pattern. Upon reboot, again, it went in fine. This time I had no problems and was able to take a few screenshots and ftp them over here.

Now I wanted to try booting into Gnome, so I restarted, entered the proper syntax at the bootup screen and everything was looking fine, but when it started X, the screen just went black and never finished booting. At that point I just gave up again.

However, it’s cool to see how sweet a Debian based distro can turn out(when it boots).

If you always wanted to try Linux but don’t want risk wiping out any of your current operating systems, this is a great way to do it. Give it a shot!