Geek Stuff

It’s been a pretty geeked-out weekend for me. Lots of work on the blog, exchanging emails with some visitors, and visiting many other cool blogs has consumed about 90% of my time this weekend. Here’s breakdown of some of my other accomplishments this weekend.

1) Pulled my son around the backyard on his sled this morning. We only got about a 1/2 inch of snow, but he didn’t care. He loved it!

2) Watched the Packers lose, and in such a grand fashion! Yes, I live in Wisconsin and I do not like the Packers. The only time I root for them is when they play the Bears.

3) Burned new Slackware-current ISO and reinstalled my Linux server with it. Some great updates, including PHP 4.3.0

4) Burned the new Knoppix Live CD and gave it a whirl. It wouldn’t boot. It just locks up during boot. The last version worked fine on the machine. Maybe it’s just a bad download. I’ll try again later this week.

5) Downloaded the FreeBSD 5.0RC2 ISO’s. Haven’t done anything with them yet, maybe later this week, I’ll try to install it on a spare computer.

My cable company must hate me, I think I downloaded close to 10 gigs of data this weekend. I also got a complete mirror of the Redhat Phoebe directory.